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L-R: Cassidy Shively, Heather Nielsen, Christopher Ramirez, Lindsey Christensen, Branton Campbell, Andrew Lindsay, Alek Sperry, John Lindsay

Meet the team!

Utah Crisis Food Response was started by three college students who wanted to help in a time of turmoil. The group was originally created to combat the results of the Corona Virus pandemic, but they found the need for food assistance was one that stretched beyond the pandemic. The team has grown as the need for assistance has increased. We have a wonderful team of talented and skilled volunteers. You can read more about them below.

John Lindsay

Organization Founder

My name is John Lindsay and I am the organization director. I am from South Jordan, UT and am finishing a Biology Degree at BYU. My plan is to go to medical school. I am local, so I have strong feelings for the Utah Community and wanted to be a part of the response to the COVID pandemic. It’s been amazing to volunteer with such solid people who want to make life easier for others in their own community. I spend my free time mountain biking, playing basketball, watching Jon Stewart, and listening to The Killers


Andrew Lindsay

Director of Finances

My name is Andrew, I’m over the finances for the group. I grew up in Orem, so it means a lot to serve the community that has given me so much and that I love. I’m currently working on a Masters Degree in Social Work up at the University of Utah. I love history, sports, hiking and canoeing.


Cassidy Shively

Group Organization

Hi! I’m Cassidy and I’m in charge of group organization and the occasional flyer or two. I’m from the Boise Idaho area and I just graduated with a bachelors in Biology. I’m planning to get a PhD in Human Evolution so that I can study Neanderthals all day. I love cooking for my friends and finding any excuse to meet new people. I was excited to join this group because I love working with such kind hearted people!


Heather Nielsen

Advertising Specialist

Hi! My name is Heather and I was fortunate enough to be introduced to this group and made apart of its leadership team. I work on the marketing team overseeing social media and website design. It’s amazing to see the way we are able to touch others lives who are in our community and see people come together during such an uncertain time. I’ve loved working with everyone and seeing the growth and camaraderie that’s ensued. I grew up in Lehi, UT and am now living in Orem while I study Applied Business Management at BYUI Online. I love playing the guitar, being with friends, and have a new obsession with biking.

Branton Campbell

Supplies Manager

Branton Campbell, a Utah Valley resident and BYU materials physicist, assists the team in building partnerships and recruiting volunteers.  “We prosper physically, economically, and emotionally by working together as a society.  We are fundamentally interconnected and interdependent.  So during a crisis, we naturally come together to help.”

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My name is Mo Green and I have a passion for people. I love traveling, meeting new people, trying new things, and being adventurous! I help our team cultivate meaningful relationships with different centers in our community. I am currently in the Public Relations program at BYU with a minor in non-profit management. Connections are what drive our community, and our lives. Those connections are fostered when each of us decides to see someone for who they really are. One by one, each of us possesses the capacity to make a real change in the life of another person. I am grateful for individuals in my own life who have been that person for me. Now lets go out and do some good!


Mo Green

PR Specialist

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Alek Sperry

Fundraising Specialist

My name is Alek and I am our organization's fundraising coordinator. I was born and raised in Draper, UT, but I love traveling and have worked with multiple nonprofit and charitable organizations in the past. I am currently a student at BYU studying Mechanical Engineering and hope to pursue a career in medicine after graduation. My wife Josie and I have been married for a year and we enjoy climbing, running, camping and most other things outdoors. Opportunities like this - to contribute to something bigger than just myself and to help others - bring me Joy.

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Lindsey Christensen

Volunteer Coordinator

Hi! I'm Lindsey Christensen and I'm the volunteer coordinator. I recently graduated from BYU with a degree in Dance Education K-12. Growing up in the Rockies of Wyoming, it didn't take me long to fall in love with the mountains of Utah. I now call Utah my home and am excited to serve those who live here. If I'm not dancing you can find me playing winter sports, strolling through an art museum, listening to the Bleachers, playing soccer, or eating chocolate ice cream.