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  • REQUEST HELP | Utah Valley Covid Re

    Register to receive a free food box from a local food pantry, delivered to your door free of charge by a local volunteer. Boxes contain food items such as milk, meats, canned goods, fruits, and vegetables. ​ This service is completely free. Register Here Food box delivery

  • Volunteer | Utah Valley Covid Rescue

    VOLUNTEER WITH US Utah County Opportunities Salt Lake Opportunities Deliver Food Join our organization SLACK Channel to sign up to deliver food boxes from food pantries to clients' homes in Utah County Join Group Daily Opportunities ​ Food Sorting Sign up below to help sort items for our bi-weekly homeless food drives that take place in Orem. Typically takes 2 hours. Food Sorting Saturdays Only Deliver Food Each Wednesday at 12pm volunteers arrive at a food pantry in Salt Lake and deliver boxes to clients' homes SLC Delivery Wednesdays Only ​ Food Drive Host Sign up below to help host one of our bi-weekly homeless food drives. Primarily will accept donations and man the booth Host Sign-Up Saturdays Only ​ Flyer Posting Every other week we need volunteers to post flyers to spread the word for our homeless food drives Flyer Posting Thursdays Only ​ Homeless Help Each Sunday we send volunteers to help distribute essential items to homeless camps in Salt Lake City Homeless Help Sundays Only ​

  • Grocery Delivery | Utah Valley Covid Rescue

    Request Help UTAH CRISIS FOOD RESPONSE Free Food Assistance and Delivery Volunteer More info > Mission Statement To provide food and financial assistance in times of personal, community, and global crisis ABOUT US The affects of COVID-19 have impacted everyone. Our organization started as a response to the global pandemic to provide food and economic relief to those needing it most. As we've grown, we've discovered the need for these services expands far beyond the pandemic. We provide 3 services to help alleviate some of the pain and suffering. 1) Free Food Box Delivery We partner with food pantries around Utah County and Salt Lake County 2) Food Assistance to Salt Lake City Homeless community 3) Limited Financial Assistance ​ ​ Request Help VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITES See how you can volunteer for the organization Volunteer REQUEST HELP Groceries/supplies delivered to your door free of charge. Request Help Donate See how you can donate to help fund the continuation of the organization. Donate I'm blind and can't make out an online delivery. I'm so grateful there is a group where I can give a grocery list over the phone to, and will be taken care of." I am elderly and recently had an abdominal surgery and can't drive. Thank you for the service you provide. When I get better I hope to serve and return the favor."

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    As the forum owner, you can assign new moderators from your live site. Having moderators is a great way to increase engagement and grow your community. There are certain actions that only forum owners and moderators are allowed to do on Wix Forum. They can block users, move posts from one category to another, and delete posts.

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    Your forum comes with a Member’s Area, which site visitors can use to get to know each other and personalize their profile pages. Members can also add new posts, write comments, and like posts. When visitors sign up as members, they can join conversations, follow posts, upload media, leave comments, and be notified of any new activity in discussions they’re following. Site owners can use Wix Chat to speak to both site members and visitors directly.

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    This is your forum post. Forums are a great way to engage your audience in all types of discussions. Post relevant information to encourage engagement and collaboration. With full freedom to edit posts and add stunning media, managing your forum has never been easier. Make sure you’re on preview mode or on your live published site to modify your forum. You can edit and add new posts, and use categories to organize them by topic. Manage categories from preview mode, and add as many as you like to get the conversation started.

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