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Utah County Opportunities

Salt Lake Opportunities

Deliver Food

Join our organization SLACK Channel to sign up to deliver food boxes from food pantries to clients' homes in Utah County

Daily Opportunities

Food Sorting

Sign up below to help sort items for our bi-weekly homeless food drives that take place in Orem. Typically takes 2 hours.

Saturdays Only

Deliver Food

Each Wednesday at 12pm volunteers arrive at a food pantry in Salt Lake and deliver boxes to clients' homes

Wednesdays Only

Food Drive Pickup

Sign up below to help pickup food on Saturdays as part of the food drive. This entails significant lifting and walking

Saturdays Only

Flyer Posting

Every other week we need volunteers to post flyers to spread the word for our homeless food drives

Thursdays Only

Homeless Help

Each Sunday we send volunteers to help distribute essential items to homeless camps in Salt Lake City

Sundays Only